Greece’s new favorable tax policy to foreign investors

a) The applicant has not been a Greek tax resident for the previous 7 of the last 8 years before the transfer of their tax residence to Greece.

b) The applicant must have invested at least 500.000 euros in Greece.

Taxpayers whose application has been approved will pay a fixed sum of 100.000 euros in taxes every year regardless of their annual income. Investors can also make an application asking for the beneficial tax policy to be applied to their family members as well. In that case, they will have to pay additionally 20.000 euros  for each family member.

The whole sum of this tax must be paid annually in one installment until the end of July every year.

The first year this policy is applied, however, taxpayers must pay the whole sum within 30 days after the approval of their application.

Taxpayers must also mention in their application the country that was their last tax residence so that the Greek Tax Authorities can inform the local authorities of the transfer of the applicant’s tax residence.

It should be noted that this beneficial tax policy shall apply for 15 fiscal years.

For more detailed information regarding the aforementioned tax policy (e.g.  tax office responsible for examining  applications, the ways in which you can submit your application and  the amount of time your application will need to be processed) please contact us.

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