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Greek Government offers residency permits for foreign citizens that buy real estate in Greece

With the long-awaited new Law 4146/2013, the Greek government finally opens the door to foreign investments in real estate in Greece, by offering residency permits to non-EU foreign citizens that buy property.

The minimum value of the property has been set to 250.000 euro. The residency permit is granted for five (5) years and it is renewable for as long as the property remains in the possession of the initial owner.

The residence permit may be extended to the members of the family of the owner, so that they can all benefit from the advantage of residing freely in Greece. The family residence permit may be renewed and / or expires together with the sponsorʼs residence permit.

KCH Law Firm can assist any non-EU citizen that wishes to benefit from his provision. For more information and procedures, please feel free to contact us.